About Us

AQONE is a deep tech strategy, product development and commercialisation consultancy.

We are dedicated to connecting and empowering researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors across deep, emerging and frontier technologies.

We provide advice, run programmes, work with corporates, investors and innovators and collaborate with organisations and policy makers to make meaningful connections and develop the global deep tech ecosystem.

What We Do

Who We Are

20+ years experience in technology, innovation and strategy

Our Vision

To build a better world through deep tech innovation

Our Mission

To create opportunities across the global deep tech ecosystem

Our Name

Our name is derived from the five key skills that make up the innovator’s DNA

A: Associate – The ability to successfully connect seemingly unrelated questions, problems or ideas from different fields

Q: Question – Innovators constantly ask questions that challenge common wisdom

O: Observe – Scrutinising common phenomena and act like anthropologists and social scientists to understand what drives customer behaviour

N: Network – Devoting time to collaborate and support a network of diverse individuals

E: Experiment – Actively construct interactive experiences to test and improve solutions

The name Aqone [ey-kohn] is also reminiscent of Acorn [ey-kawrn], the seed from which great oaks grow.


Deep Tech Numbers

Deep Tech represents the cutting-edge of innovation, where scientific and engineering breakthroughs are transformed into groundbreaking products. It thrives in an environment of high technical risk, challenging the status quo, and offering immense potential to tackle the world’s greatest challenges head-on.

$Bn invested in deep tech in 2020

Patents applied for daily

$Bn current combined valuation of EU and UK deep tech startups

deep tech startups around the world

Our Expertise

Matt King

Working alone or with a team of visionary thinkers from my network with extensive expertise in technology, innovation, and strategic planning, we possess a profound understanding of the intricate challenges faced by stakeholders within the Deep Tech ecosystem.

Matt King

Matt King

Managing Director


Unlocking opportunities in deep tech

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