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Deeptech Roundup 2023-09-14

Deeptech Roundup 2023-09-14

After the hype, confusion, and then bust of the potential room-temperature superconductor LK-99 over the summer we are now able to look back and take stock of the situation. Firstly, it is clear that a true room-temperature superconductor would be a game-changer...

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Deeptech Roundup 2023-09-07

Signals from the frontier | Deeptech reads | Deeptech deals | Deeptech diary In this edition of Deep in the Chasm, we include a curated roundup of the most relevant news and insights across the Deep Tech ecosystem. Meanwhile,...

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A False Dawn?

LK-99 | Signals From the Frontier | Deep Tech Reads | Deep Tech Deals | Deep Tech Diary MATT KING 10 AUG 2023 The big deep tech news this month has, of course, been LK-99. In a paper published on arXiv on 22nd July  it was claimed that LK-99, a compound of...

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What Does Software Do?

All software does 4 fundamental things: Record information Store information Retrieve information Transform information That's it. From the most simple, like Wordle, to the most complex, like SAP’s ERP. At its core, all software is doing these same 4 fundamental tasks...

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What is Deep Tech?

What is deeptech? | Signals from the frontier | Deeptech reads | Deeptech deals MATT KING 12 JUL 2023 Speaking at IIIT Delhi Sam Altman recently said Honestly, I feel so bad about the advice I gave while I was running YC I've been thinking about deleting my entire...

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The Paradox That Will Drive AI Job Creation

Jevons Paradox and what it means for jobs | Signals from the frontier | Deeptech reads | Deeptech deals MATT KING 13 JUN 2023 Will AI augment us, making us more productive and increase standards of living? Or will AI replace us and put many of us out of work? As...

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The 5 Levers of Project Governance

Bill Gates estimates the world needs to build the equivalent of a New York City every month for the next forty years. But the engineering and construction (E&C) industry that will deliver the majority of this investment is failing to deliver. A study by Ernst and...

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Laser Weeding Robots!

Combining autonomous robots with image recognition and powerful lasers results in an ingenious use case! Congratulations to Carbon Robotics on closing $30M in your latest round!

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